Do I have any rights?

What are my rights? Does the unmarried father have any rights to an unborn child? Parental rights or family laws vary from state to state, So, there is no easy answer. Unfortunately, there may be limited rights of a father of an unborn child. It quickly becomes apparent that it is ideal when both unwed parents agree. Learning to communicate with one another may be the most crucial step to reaching a joint agreement.

Does the unmarried father have any rights after the birth of a child?
Fathers do have rights, as well as responsibilities.
Both parents, whether you are married or not, are financially responsible for their child. is one website that answers many generalized questions regarding child custody, visitation, and support issues. Searching your state’s laws or seeking legal counsel will provide more specifics. Unwed parents can search the internet using this search phrase, “what are my rights as an unmarried father (or mother)?”  You may also search for your county and state’s local government websites or search your state’s Revised Code regarding Domestic Relations and Children.

Do I have visitation rights?
If there is conflict about visitation rights, seeking legal counsel may be necessary and the best advice. You can find an excellent article, “Rights of a Father When He is Not Married,” on Verywell Family.