Mother-to-be Mood Swings

Do you find that your girlfriend seems moody— fine one moment then snapping at you or crying the next? Don’t worry, if they’re
pregnant, it’s perfectly normal. ¹All teenagers experience an onslaught of hormonal changes that can make life feel overwhelming at times. When a woman gets pregnant, their body produces an even bigger tidal wave of hormones which effects their emotions.

The good news is that it’s temporary! Try to be patient and understanding and offer to help however you can. A simple hug offered at the right time may be all they need.

Consider reading some articles online about the different changes your girlfriend may be going through, such as Pregnancy Mood Swings: Why You’re Feeling Them and What to Do, as noted below.

¹Pregnancy Mood Swings: Why You're Feeling Them and What to Do Barth