Sofia's Story

Adoption: Sofia’s Story

It’s been almost fifteen years since I was adopted. Like many adoptive parents, my mother had an interesting experience. One morning, she woke up with a faint memory of being at a meeting with several people she didn’t know who were agreeing about something exciting that was about to happen. Then, the first thought that came to her was, “We’ve got to adopt our next child—she’s on her way!” Since they were already considering adopting a child to add to their family, my father agreed right away.

They began the adoption process with a local adoption agency. And, yes, nine months later they got a phone call telling them that I had been born and that they could pick me up in a few months. My older siblings and an uncle went with my parents to meet me and bring me home.

I am so grateful that my birth mother chose to continue her pregnancy and place me for adoption. She was young, without support or a good job and was not ready for a baby. While she didn’t know who I was, she knew that whoever she was going to give birth to would be better off with another family.

If you are pregnant and considering abortion because you can’t keep your baby or you don’t want a baby now, please read my uncle’s story below or listen to it in Spanish.

Your baby is important and while they might not belong with you as their mother this life, there are a lot of other people they do belong with who will love them and help them have a good life—like parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents and Tíos!

Tío’s Story

I am “El Tío.” But I am also el tío to a very special soul and person. I have many favorite nieces and nephews, yet one in particular is very special to me.

Because her birth mother chose life and gave birth to this child, I was able to go, with family, to bring her to her permanent home where all her relatives love her.

I am her tío and also her Godfather. I believe I was her tío from before she was born. From the moment I saw her I recognized her. I recognized her soul looking back at me through her beautiful black eyes.

This little girl has brought much joy to my life and to her family’s. She is a much-loved daughter, little sister, niece, cousin and grandchild. She was the missing (and the found!) link in our family.

I am looking forward to one day celebrating her Quinceañera.

However, she doesn’t know yet that “El Tío” is also The Protector and she will most likely not be able to date anybody until she’s 21…or maybe 31, we’ll see!

Please remember adoption is a responsible alternative to abortion.