Baby's Development in the Womb

Miraculously, a baby's development in the womb progresses very quickly through three trimesters. Each period of three months is a trimester in the duration of pregnancy. For example, the first three months of a baby's development in the womb is in the 1st Trimester. Click on each of the monthly embryonic developments for an unborn child to see a baby's progress.

Amazingly, a baby's heart begins to beat after only three weeks!

1 Month

The child’s first completed brain cells appear. The embryo’s heart has started its advanced stage of formation.
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2 Months

The embryo’s arm and leg buds become visible, and the neocortical cells appear. The baby’s blood flows in their veins, separate from their mother’s blood.
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3 Months

The baby will bend their fingers around an object placed in their palm, the fingernails are forming, and they can begin to suck its thumb.
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4 Months

Facial expressions start to resemble those of their parents. Vocal cords and external sex organs become visible, and this is the earliest stage where gender can start to be determined.
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5 Months

Most mothers are now able to see fully see the gender of their baby at this time. Movements are now becoming stronger, and most first-time mothers will start to feel the baby’s kicks and movements in the womb.
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6 Months

Fine hair grows on the baby's head, eyebrows, and eyelashes now. The baby now weighs around 22 ounces and is around nine inches tall.
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7 Months

The lungs are now capable of breathing air, and the baby’s eyeteeth are now present. Your baby will start to recognize the mother’s voice.
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8 Months

Organs are fully developed now, except for the lungs. However, the baby continues to inhale amniotic fluid and practices using their lungs.
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9 Months

All senses are fully functioning, and toenails and fingernails are complete. This is the first month your baby may drop lower in your pelvis, which is called “lightening.”
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