Embryo - Eight Month (32 weeks)

One month to go! The baby is now weighing around 4.4 pounds. Organs are fully developed now, except for the lungs. However, the baby continues to inhale amniotic fluid and practices using their lungs. Your body may start prepping for delivery by flexing its muscles. Braxton Hicks contractions may be felt around this time, with the tightening and hardening of your uterus periodically.

-Week 33: Baby continues to put on weight as delivery grows closer. About half a pound per week, and they will come close to doubling their weight by the time they are born.

-Week 34: As the baby grows, you may start to see movements and body parts like hands and feet poking your belly. Vernix, the waxy, cheesy coating on your baby’s skin, begins to thicken before it starts shedding in the next few weeks.

- Week 35: Your uterus continues to become cramped for the baby. Kicks and punches may shift to rolls and wiggles. Most of the baby’s growth is now fat, giving them padding as they prepare for delivery. As well as their head is now facing downward toward your cervix.

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