Life is a Choice

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and thinking about your options, it’s important to know that what you choose from this point on involves at least two lives – yours and your baby’s. Now is the the perfect time to protect their life and decide how you will help them fulfill their own purpose while you go forward to fulfill yours.

If you choose to keep and raise your baby yourself, take some time to talk with the baby’s father and trusted family and friends or counselors to find out who would be able to support you through the next several months and after the baby is born. Investigate the different aid and support available to you and your baby (and their father) by contacting your state’s Department of Job & Family Services office.
Read what other young mothers did when they faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Check out the informative and educational pages on this website.
Deciding on keeping and raising your baby may not be easy. It may even be the first time in your life you’ve had to take a stance or stay strong when others disagree.  Just remember, there are caring people who are available to talk with you and help you through your pregnancy and beyond.