Am I ready to be a Dad?

“Am I ready to be a dad?” is a question almost every man wonders when he first learns he is going to be one, regardless of age. Teenagers understandably ask themselves this question, and so do men in their 30s and 40s. It’s perfectly understandable, especially if the pregnancy was unplanned. If you’ve learned you’re unexpectedly going to be a father, odds are you’re feeling a range of emotions, from shocked, scared, and nervous, to happy and excited.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder whether you’re prepared to be a dad. And the truth is, no one is ever really ready to be a parent! It is a role that you learn as you go, with a little guidance from those who have done it, and a lot of patience. Experience is the best teacher. If you’ve found out you’re going to be a father, here are some tips to help you navigate the road ahead. These apply whether you are partners with the baby’s mother or not.

  • Communication is key. Talk to your baby’s mother about your feelings and fears, but spend just as much time listening to hers.
  • Learn about and be sensitive to what she is going through. Pregnancy is a major ordeal and causes lots of physical and emotional changes in a woman. Your baby’s mother might be moody, extra sensitive, irritable, and physically uncomfortable. Try to be understanding and reassuring.
  • Do some homework. Read about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. You are not alone, and there are many resources available to you.
  • Get involved. Going to childbirth and parenting classes will be both extremely helpful for you to know what to expect, and also comforting and supportive to your baby’s mother.
  • Plan ahead. It can be expensive to raise children, and you will have a financial obligation to yours until the child is 18 years old. However, social services can help. Try to learn what the costs of raising a baby will be and start saving for them now.

You may feel scared and unprepared, but with some research, advice, and experience, you can learn to be a great dad!

Safe Haven Baby Boxes

What are Safe Haven Baby Boxes?  To prevent illegal* abandonment or desertion of newborn babies, there are 97 safe boxes where a parent may voluntarily drop off or relinquish his or her infant in an emergency care facility, safety incubator, Safe Haven Baby Box, or other system entities. In some states, after a certain number of days,* if the parent does not return, this implies that you voluntarily give up your parental rights to the baby for a safe haven baby adoption.  Safe Haven Baby Boxes are offered in at least 6 states. There are about 97 Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Indiana (79), Ohio (4), Kentucky (2), Arkansas (4 – 5), Florida (1), Arizona (6).

Below are some helpful Confidential Crisis Lines you can call:

National Safe Haven Crisis line: 1-866-99BABY1 (1-866-992-2291)National Safe Haven Alliance (call or text): 1-888-510-BABY (2229)A Safe Haven for Newborns: 1-877-767-BABY (2229)

*Disclaimer: The information listed above may not be the most recent stats, version, or individual state government codes. We make no warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of information contained herein, or on the linked sites, or the information linked to the government entities. Please check with your local official sources.