Embryo - Seventh Month (28 weeks)

Seven months starts at the beginning of your third trimester. The baby’s weight has increased to over 2.2 pounds. The lungs are now capable of breathing air, and the baby’s eyeteeth are now present. Your baby will start to recognize the mother’s voice. The baby’s eyes have been shut until now. Baby can open and close their eyes.

-Week 29: The baby may begin smiling this week, especially while sleeping. Hiccups can continue to be felt more frequently. Feeling like rhythmic taps to you but isn’t uncomfortable to the baby. Your womb is starting to feel a little cramped to the baby as they continue to plump up. Kicks can now start to feel like jabs and pokes.

-Week 30: Wrinkles on the surface of the baby’s brain begin so it can hold more brain cells. Baby’s hands are fully formed, and fingernails are growing in. Ultrasounds may now catch your baby grabbing onto their feet.

-Week 31: Baby can begin to process information and pick up signals from all five senses.

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