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"I was 15 when I had my daughter, and I know how much pain and heartache comes along with teenage pregnancy. But my family was strong enough to help me through. My daughter is approaching 17 now, and I could not imagine life without her.

My mother turns 60 next year, and I was hoping to spread her inspiration and love to others as a gift to her. This is my mother's poem to me:

Happy Mother's Day to My Little Girl

I was so very proud the day you were born I had my little girl I adorned.

As you grew I realized how independent you were now.
You brought happy times and sad times.
Although I didn't realize what God had in mind.

When you were fourteen you chose
a path I would not have chosen for you.
I had dreams for your life
but your dreams were different.
You brought happy times and sad times in my life.
Although I didn't realize what God had in mind.

The doctor said you were pregnant.
I remember the tears rolling down your face that day.
Oh the sadness I felt too.
We sat at the park and you said
"Why cry over something that's already done."
I thought the dreams I had for you were gone, but they had only just begun.
You brought happy times and sad times in my life.

Although I didn't realize what God had in mind.

As the child grew within you
we shared sad times and good times.
Once you wanted it all to end and
then you couldn't wait for tomorrow.
You brought happy times and sad times in my life.
Although I didn't realize what God had in mind.

Finally the day had come
You had that little girl just like
the time I had waited for so long ago.
She was a beautiful little girl and
you shared her life with me.
You brought happy times in my life.
And now I realize what God had in mind."

Sandy Hornbeck & Robin Kelly


"I am nineteen years old, I currently have a year left of higher education before I go on to university to take a BA in English and Drama, then a one year Post Graduate Certificate in Education to lead to my lifelong teaching career.

Two years ago I went to Spain [and] got introduced to [a family friend] and we hit it off, in February this year I went back to see my family again and hooked up with the same guy, and ended up going back out three weeks later to see him. After this we didn't really speak so much and I figured it was just a holiday fling that had ended.

He was due to move back to England to start his new job, when three days prior to this I found out I was pregnant with his child.

I asked [my mother] to tell my dad as I was too ashamed and worried about his disappointment. At this point I was shocked into wanting a termination, but after researching it I decided against it. Everyone was shocked with my decision, and my father was initially really upset. I have an open dialog with my child's dad and we intend on keeping things that way for the sake of our child. Although I am very much aware that I am going into this alone.

I have read everyone's wonderful stories of how their babies' fathers have stuck around and they are together, so maybe my story is a bit different. My child isn't born yet. I am independent, and I am determined to finish my education, become a teacher and be a fantastic mother. After all, when the going gets rough, you try harder."

– Kate J., England


When I found out my daughter was pregnant it was a shock. I took her to the Dr. and we found out together. At the time my daughter was [not yet in high school]. I am pro-life, so my first thoughts were, we're gonna have a new addition to the family.

We lost relationships with several family members and friends because everyone either wanted me to make her have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption.

My daughter was home schooled and kept up with her studies well. On October 30th, my granddaughter, Julia was born. We can't imagine life without her. My daughter is responsible and cares well for her baby. I am also supportive of the dad as he has been there for everything.

Teachers from my daughter's school have emailed me and said she is an inspiration and role model for other students. Now when I got that, I was like WOW.

I think the reason many teenagers fail, is because many give up on them when they become pregnant. As a parent I must say, don't do that. This is not what I wanted, but God doesn't give us anymore then we can handle. My daughter takes care of her baby every night and goes to school every morning. She is more determined to become a pediatrician which has been her career choice since she was ten. I tell her all of your dreams are still possible, you just have to work a little harder, but I'm by your side every step of the way and we will do this together.

– G'ma, Dallas, USA


When I was 15yrs old I met the boy of my dreams, he was perfect, but one problem he was nearly two years older then me, I could already hear my dad's voice in the back of my head protesting on how this boy is much to old to date his daughter.

Two months after my 16th birthday I went with my best friend to take a home pregnancy test. I remember being so nervous and scared of the result. After confirming what I feared I now feared even more telling my parents and the baby's father. I had no clue what they were going to say I didn't even know what I wanted after all I was 16 years old, just a baby myself. For the next three weeks it felt like the world was caving in on me as each day passed it became more and more scary until at last I knew I had to tell them, I couldn't hide it much longer.

I [now] have a healthy 20 month old boy. To my astonishment my whole family backed me up and even more importantly the father. I've been living at home which enabled me to finish my education and so has my fiance (my sons father of course!) who's been working to save up some money. On my 19th birthday we will be moving into an apartment of our own and a year later we plan to have our wedding.

We take everyday one step at a time but lives just never felt so good before.

– Tash, USA


I became pregnant when I was a senior in high school. I have three beautiful girls now and the oldest is 17. I am in nursing school and we had to do a community teaching project. I chose teen pregnancy. I would like your CD and tape for my girls to view. I have really enjoyed your site -- the information was wonderful.

– Debra D., USA



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