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I found out I was pregnant when i was 16 years old I had my baby when I just turned 17. I didn't imagine the huge responsibility there is to have a baby. My baby daddy was happy when he found out I was pregnant because he didn't imagine how expensive babies are. I got lucky because I had my baby in summer vacation I went back to school being a senior in high school. Luckily I graduated got my diploma and now im in college trying to get my associates degree. I just turned 18 and I am trying my best to do well in school to get a good career and provide my child with everything he needs.





Im 17 and found out i was pregnant 2 months ago, when the contraceptive pill failed me. My mum and dad are separated and told them the news separately my mum was shocked but very supportive however my dad was very angry and demanded an abortion, i ignored his orders and now im living with my mum but my boyfrined sees me evryday and comes to scans and anti natal appointments. Its hard being a pregnant teenager and i get judged a lot by older people who think i was irresponsible but at the end of the day i did nothing wrong the contraception failed and now im just looking foward to being a mum:)





I was 15 when i found out i was expecting. It was a complete shock. However when i went to see the midwife at 6 weeks she said i was having twins i was happy to be a new mum but also worried at my parents thought about this. I told my mum when me and my boyfriend had decided we were going to keep the twins. Her reaction was awful she kicked me out of the house so i had to stay at my boyfriends house. When my mum finally let me back in the house she insited that i put the twins up for adoption i refused and we then went through a 9 month battle of arguements and trouble. When my twin girls were born i only had my boyfriend with me this upset my mum as she wanted to be there however i knew she wouldnt be supportive. Now i have 2 brillant girls called Sophia and Alexis. They are diamonds and i have managed to adapt to being a mum very well. My mum doesnt want anything to do with me now and she refused to let me move in with the twins so i live with my boyfriend parents who support me so much. My advice to an expecting teen is dont give up and if your mum and dad tell you to do something you dont want to do fight your corner because you will only regret otherwise.


– Jessica (UK)



Hi! I'm Kylie. a while back i fell in love with my boyfriend Levi. we were so in love and thought we would be together forever. until one day Levi broke up with me because his friend had told him to. then after that he told the whole school i was annoying and constantly called me bad names and yelled at me. it seemed like everyday there was a new argument. after how bad he treated me we got into an argument and he slapped me. so i was done. for good. until i found out i was pregnant. he was the only guy i slept with so i new it was his. breaking the news was crucial. he said he was not going to be there at all. except for the birth. so that left me wondering what i was gonna do. my family was supportive and so were my friends. but they didn't want me going thru this without a partner. and the fact that i was 15! i was way to young to raise a baby. so the more and more i thought about it i decided to chose adoption. our family friends had offered to be supportive and adopt my baby. it made me feel good. a stay at home mom and a loving,working dad. but it got harder whenever i found out i was having a girl. and since i got to name her, i decided on Makenna. knowing that i had a little girl i already loved growing in me made me sad. but i new it was for the best. then on march 3rd Makenna was born. it was the hardest thing id ever had to go thru. but i just kept on thinking about her, and not me.


– Kylie Joe



My name is Shameka. Im 16 years old and 5 months pregnant by a boy way older than me. I thought that i would make the right decision of getting an abortion so that me and my boyfriend will stay together. then my family and friends started showing me love and support and now i feel like i can raise my child and love it like my mom loved me.


– Shameka




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