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I found out I was pregnant, at 4 1/2 months. I was scared and ashamed. When my parents found out they kicked me out!!!! Thankfully my boyfriend n I made the best decision in the world. To keep our baby n raise him the best way possible. Today, our son will be two in november. He's very spoiled but of course our greatest blessing is our son!! To any mothers in my situation, i want to say keep ur heads up we have the [best] gift in the world.


– Chuck1991


I am 18 and pregnant... a few months after getting married i found out i was pregnant. all my family were full with joy...i was extremely happy and so was my husband. I am 37 weeks and ready to pop LOL. My midwife said the baby had stopped growing at 8 months but all the baby's organs had been developed but the midwife says the baby is now just 17" and i could go into labour at any moment from now. So that did worry me a bit as we are a bit rushed to get everything sorted in time. Hopefully baby doesn't come till due date but if the baby comes before then then we will all be happy. The midwife also said the baby has a higher chance of being a boy than girl so my husbands dream has come true LOL.


– Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England



Im 16 years old and 6 1/2 months pregnant. I was shocked, nervous and scared to tell my mom that I was. Who I'm pregnant by is very supportive and he has always stuck by my side. When I Told my Mom she took it way better than I thought she would. Even though there has been alot of drama and mishaps, I strongly recommend that you teen girls think before you put your life in someone elses hands.I am not depressed, Im actually happy, because I have a family That's supporting me beyond 100 % but, its hard and very stressful. Being pregnant is beautiful , but it also is a very complicated thing. I Gonna Give My Son A Good Life Because He Didnt Ask to come into this world and Abortion or Adoption Was NEVER AN OPTION FOR ME.! :]


– Ashley



Hiya my names kelsy im 15 and found outt 2 days ago im 4 weeks pregnant i am still in shock now i am really scared i have told my partner and my mum they both reacted better then i thought but we havent told my dad as i dont live with him my dad has a mental illness and im so scared bout telling him as he has beat up my sisters in the past and thretaned to kill me and my mum about 2 year ago i just need some help how to go about telling him :/ would really thank anyone who can help me.


– Kell


Dear Kell,

Please consider contacting the National Helpline in the UK by phone or texting and someone will be available to help you:

National Helpline
Freephone: 800 915 4600,
9am-9pm weekdays, 9am-5pm Sat

Or you can text our Text-to-Talk service on 7786 200330 anytime and someone will reply to your text.

Take care,


Everyone goes through something different. Having a baby is a huge responsibility and we just don't realize it until we are pregnant. I got pregnant when i was 16 and i had just turned 17 when i had my baby.. Good Luck!! :)






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