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i'm 17 and i found out i was 5 weeks pregnant 2 days ago. i want to keep my baby but i am terrified about how my parents will take it as they have enough problems currently. please can someone give me and the father some advice on how to inform our parents.


- Anonymous



Dear Anonymous,
Please check out our Abortion Alternatives page and contact one of the organizations listed. They have people available 24 hours a day via telephone and/or email to help you and the baby's father.

Take care,


Im 18 and 8 weeks pregnant. When I first found out I was 5 weeks, and to tell you the truth, I was shocked speechless and happy. I have always wanted a child of my own, but felt it would not happen. I soon just gave up because yea im young, but I had so much feeling that I would never be able to carry a child. My family has been supportive of me the whole way, and are very excited to have a little life grace their lives in April, but then there are those that are not family that think they can run over me, and thats a n.o. right there. I never thought giving up would give me a blessing to come. My boyfriend and I live together, and he has been there for me. He has always been supportive and was very happy when he found out the news. I can not waite until i find out the sex so i will be prepared. And to all expecting mothers: take care of your resposibility... Wish me good luck!


- Anonymous



I am 17 & am 26 weeks pregnant. When me and my boyfriend found out we were completely shocked. I was so scared to tell my parents for fear of getting kicked out. But when i told them they were more supportive than i thought they would be. Now everyone including my family, my boyfriends family, and my boyfriend and myself, are more than happy that a wonderful baby girl is on the way. While i havent had any major complications I did being feeling braxton hicks contractions already so i have to be aware that it is possible I could end up delievering my baby earlier than expected. But overall being pregnant has made me realize alot and i know that everything i do will be for the best interest of my daughter.



When I was 14 I had gotten pregnant. Im 16 now. I wanted to abort or give it up for adoption. But I knew I couldnt go through the emotional part. Now I have a 2 yr old babygirl named Navaeah Reinae. She is the most outgoing, cuddling thing I have ever seen. Me and the babydaddy are not together but he still pays child suppport and he see's her once a week.

– Lorie S.


Hey my name is georgette and i just recently found out that i was 1 month pregnant. i am now 6 weeks preg the same day i found out i told my ma she wasnt happy about it. my boyfriend before i knew . he was happy but his mom wasnt. she tried to convince to make me get a abortion. we agreed to keep our child now she doesn't like me because of my decision . but everythings turning out good. my relationship is going good were just waiting for our child.

– Georgette



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