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When I was 14 I found out that I was 14 weeks pregnant with my child. It was very unexpected and I was shocked. I didnt know how to tell my boyfriend at the time, but when I did it was a mistake. He wanted nothing to do with his child so I was completely alone. I spoke to one person who I absolutely trust and thats my health teacher. He brought up the topic about adoption and i never wouldve planned on going through with it. some people see it as getting the "easy" way out of your pregnancy, but after I thought long and hard about it, i knew it was the best decision for the child. making this decision was one of the hardest things ive ever had to do in my entire life, but knowing i gave the baby a better life is all that matters to me. yes i still see her about every 2 months. dont be scared of adoption. think it through and just know if you think its the best, go through with it.
– Kennedy




Hey im Stephan ( Yeah a guy ) Short and Sweet My GF and i got pregnant in beginning of High School. Matric year. We finished school with Degree Endorsements that year, our Son was born in February that following year. Did not get the opportunity to start studying like the rest of the Kids. I had to work in the beginning. So now 4 Years later that GF is my Fiance,we have a beautifull baby boy. We are both still studying towards our degrees which you can do if you really try, yeah late nights is an understatement but let me give you an perspective... We are young parents, both sucessfull careers.Now most of my old school friends either still living with parents not studying or left studying, not working they have no clue what to do with their lives. Dont think being young makes a kid a burden... you work harder because its not easy just to give up now, you fight for what you want, that makes you way ahead of everyone else. Yeah so i hope you get what im trying to say here.
– Stephan




Hey, I was a real tomboy growing up because my mom passed away and I didn't have her there to show me the girly things, so I didn't know about all the risks of pregnancy and so I tuned most of it out. I know crazy right! But I didn't see a need for me to know. well now I have 2 one year old boys (twins). If I had aborted them I would have not got to seem them take their first steps last week and I feel so blessed. I have to tell you though I did get a beach ball tummy... well a little more and the horrible sickness and the cravings. I am so happy that I now have 2 happy healthy boys :) and that they can be kids and grow up and be themselves. I don't regret being a teen mom... I really don't it just gives me more years to be around my boys :). of course my family didn't approve but eventually after coming to me with my ultrasounds they adjusted. My boyfriend was shocked but he was so happy, he never missed an appointment. I really hope you all enjoyed my story yours truly me.

– J-L



I was 16 when i got pregnant in december 2013. It was planned but not really. When we tried we didnt get pregnant then when we didnt i ended up pregnant. My bf was happy and i was too but scared. Neither of our fams where happy about it.. everyone got it in my bfs head for abortion.. i fought so hard to change his mind cause i wouldve done it to make him happy but i didnt want to go through doing that to life.. i wanted to keep the baby. We went to plan parenthood and everything for the abortion :/ a lady was out there protesting about it and took us to a free clinic to get an ultrasound. He seen the baby move and was happy but his mind was still set on abortion.. the second ultrasound we went to get the baby moved again and he got happy and said lets do adoption:) i was happy with that decision cause we got to keep life.. later on of thinking about he finally said he doesnt want no one taking care of his baby but us and to keep it :) we found out it was a girl and now shes almost 7m(:

– D.



I had just left home approx. one month before I became pregnant so I had a bitter relationship with my family. About a week after I was quite positive I was actually pregnant, I got a ride over to my parents & had my mother take me to the hospital because I was real ill (which I was). I was 16 at the time and so the doctor had asked me if I was pregnant because if I was then I would be assigned a room with the adults (18+). With which I replied "I'm not sure" he proceeded to give me a pregnancy test...followed with my results. My mother began to cry right infront of the doctor. But over those 9 months I rebuilt a new relationship between my parents & my fiance's parents in which I can't even fathom on how greatful I am for them & all of their support after all the trouble we had put everyone through. Trust me,pregnancy is a very emotional & crazy ride to take. But, it doesn't have to be the end of the road for you. My daughter is our saving grace . Get where you need to be in life.

– J.


Hi. I am 17 years old, I am a Senior in high school right now. My baby girl is 1 (16 months). I found out I was pregnant the day before I was 16 years old. I was 16 weeks along. I got to hear her heart beat the day we found out, My mother and I just cried. I knew my life would change forever. We talked about Adoption, but I couldn't do it. I fell in love hearing her heart beat. I did my whole Junior year online, and most of my senior classes. Now here I am, scheduled to graduate May 17th, 2015. I could not have done any of this without the support of my family. I plan on going to College to get my degree in Psychology. I would like to be a counselor. Nothing is Impossible if you have the right mindset.

– Anonymous



Hi! I am 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and a cheerleader. And I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. The father of the baby is my ex boyfriend. He currently lives with me and we are very very close. He doesn't know about the pregnancy yet, and neither do my parents. The only people who know are my best friends, and on 4/16/15 they are going with me to the health department to confirm the pregnancy. Yesterday my best friend took me to Walmart and bought me a test, and I took it in a gas station bathroom. It obviously came out positive!!!! I'm definitely scared, but now I am also very very excited!!! I already know that I am keeping the baby, and if the father or my parents won't support me in my decision and be there for me, I have plenty of people who will be there. If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, find support. Because I know if I didn't have the massive amount of support I do have, I would be terrified. Find someone to talk to and confide in.

– Anonymous


Hi, my name is Tina I got pregnant when I was 15. My son Adrian is now 6 months old and a happy healthy little boy. I got accepted into the University of Akron at 15 and am now turning 17 about to graduate with my degree in radiology. Anything is possible ladies!! Keep your head up:)

– Tina


This is my story, I was 16 when I got into a car accident and found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend of 3 years and I got the new in the emergancy room. We never thought of abortion. Although we made a mistake, we knew we Could get though it. I stayed in school although bEing pregnant in high school was tough with all the rude comments and stares but I made it. And after my son was born I was so glad we chose life. he is perfect. going through school with a child definitely was not easy but I wouldn't change my decision for anything. I was very lucky to have a partner to be with me through it all. This is my story, I hope you are inspired by it.

– Anonymous


At thirteen, I found out I was pregnant. Terrified of what my parents would think and because I was only in 8th grade, I hid the entire pregnancy. I was 38 weeks when my parents found out and though they were disappointed and worried, they accepted it. I then had my first daughter on February 18th, 2013. Now, at fifteen, I just had my second baby girl on March 24th, 2015. When I found out I was pregnant I had just moved. I had found out I was pregnant when I was already 26 weeks along. I was scared because I had just finished volleyball season and I thought it could've hurt her. And I was disappointed in myself. I was already raising a toddler. I couldn't possibly be able to raise two kids, even with help from my parents. So I thought long and hard about adoption, but I couldn't move forth with it. I mean, I couldn't see myself giving my child away. She was MY child. I was going to find a way to make it. I put all my faith in God and I'm ma king it, day by day, step by step. Now I am.

– chazmyne A.


Hey I was 17 when I found out I was expecting my first baby. I came from an extremely strict home and my parents were so distraught and dissapointed. My mom even kicked me out the house. I was already in a (live on campus) trade school in upstate ny she said I was not welcomed back home. I went to better myself and to be independent away from my strict parents. After 6 months of me starting I met a guy. We dated until my 18th bday. Then I found out I was preggo 2 months later. I was afraid bexause I had only knew this guy for less than a year and I wasn't finished in school. I didn't belive in abortions and I felt so scred and lonely. After I told my bf he was happy and he was there every step of the way for me. My mom eventually got over the anger and accepted her granchild. I felt so happy to have support from my family and the babys father. I graduated and became crtified in medical office support and now I'm enrolled in school at the university of NYC getting my (certified nursing assistant liscense. I had a beautiful baby girl (Bethany Lynn) on August 26. And me and her father are going on 3 years together and engaged.

– Leeann M.


My name is mariah and i am 16 years old.I am about 4 months pregnant, and although I was extremely dissapointed in myself when I found out I was pregnant i've decided to keep my baby. Adoption is a great option but sense I have tremendous family support I can make things work out. I am still currently with my boyfriend and we just got an appartment. My mother denies she'll let me move out but my house is way to small to add another baby in it. I plan to get my license sense the apartment I plan to move into is like 10 minutes out of the town I grew up in. With my license I will be able to finish high school. My plan for while i'm in school is my child will attend a day care, and I will pick her up when I get out of school. I'm graduating a year early to make sure I finish. I plan to attend college and give my baby the best possible shot at life!

– Mariah.

This is my story...I am [under 18] years old and pregnant with my boyfriend's baby.I went to his house one evening telling my parents (who had no idea I had a boyfriend) that I was round a friend's house. My boyfriend spiked my coke and I didn't suspect a thing when I woke up fully dressed on his sofa. It was only when I started getting pregnancy symptoms that I realised, and took three tests, all clearly positive. I told my two best friends who really supported me, then eventually went to a teacher at my school, who referred my friend and myself to a teacher with more authority. When I was asked if I was pregnant, I lied saying I thought I may be imagining things, and the teachers haven't asked me since. I'm now 2-and-a-half months pregnant and a bump is starting to show, I am constantly getting back pains and cramps in my stomach. When I told my boyfriend he said he never wanted to see me again. I was really scared, but eventually I figured that I had to tell someone who could help and give me advise. The counsellor who is helping is giving me all the different options, but I know in my heart that I have already made up my mind; I will not have an abortion. After all, this baby has done nothing wrong, and I believe that this is what God wanted or it wouldn't have happened. At first I felt very alone, too scared to tell anyone, but I see now that I needed this support. By telling you this, I want to send out the message that, should you be in a similar situation, you are not alone, there is a lot of help out there for you. I told a responsible adult, rather than trying to tackle an unwanted teenage pregnancy on my own. This will change my life, but everything happens for a reason. I hope you learn from or are inspired by my story, and know that no matter what happens, there is always a way to get through it.

– Anonymous.


When i was 19 and in my sophomore year at college i found out i was pregnant.When i broke the news to my loving fiance that i have been with for four years he insisted we keep him. I agreed, but when i told my mother she was devastated and believed that i had ruined everything, my good grades and dreams. She convinced me to have an abortion but i couldn't my boyfriend because he would be seriously hurt. So i went behind his back and my families telling everyone i had lost the child. Everyone was so upset i was given special treatment in everything. i wish i could go back and tell the truth. My fiance is wanting to get married but i dont know if i can because i lied about something that i shouldn't have. Tell the truth.

– Anonymous.


Hi too all u teens out there you guys are not alone. I am 19 now i have a 13 month old son i have been through a lot but i do have too say i had a lot of people too back me up like my mom and my boyfriend , and yes my boyfriend is my sons father me and him have been together 3 years soon 4 years it is not easy too have a baby i am not saying do it but i am saying there is help out there and i do not like abortions i think teens should have there babys but give them up too adoption because there are people out there that cant have kids and would adopted your baby i kept my son cause i had the support and it was mine and my boyfriends choice no one else they werent okay with it we were done with them but the main support me and my boyfriend has was my mother but for any girls out there you have any questions please ask or email me i ma here too help anyone.

– Brit.


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